Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our sweet Little Boy, our baby, our love....

As I waited for your “great escape”, I am having a great fight with Mr. Cold and Mrs. Cough who just love each other, I can’t seem to break them apart and would rather stay in other’s arms, oh well, I hope they leave me alone soon and hibernate somewhere else.

Anyway, as I listen and feel you movement, oh, I know everybody would not really agree with me, “How can you hear baby’s movement inside you?” I know they would tell me that but yes, I think I am hearing you pretty clearly. As if there is a flutter of bubbles inside me everytime you do your best somersault and did some great kick, it’s like when you see a fish moves wildly inside an aquarium tank and bubble flowed up with his movement and then those bubbles burst when they surfaced. Just like that!

I wasn’t complaining so much now with you kicking, tumbling or even doing some cartwheel or somersaults unlike before, I am really getting used to feel each of your movement especially now that it’s almost time for you to get out of there, I will be missing you’re stay inside mommy’s tummy but you’re almost ready my love, you’re just waiting for the final touch and the you’ll be out in there in a flash. Oh, I hope it will be in a flash, coz I don’t want them to take you out in there much longer. I told everyone I wanted to be awake when they do the operation so I’ll know you’re ok. I wanted to hear you cry, or maybe scream too if you like. I wanted to see you first. Do you look like me or daddy? I wanted to hold you in my arms, feel you soft baby body against mine. I wanted to hug you so tight but I can’t right? You still have to get used to have somebody touch you, you been so alone for so long inside mommy tummy, but it’s too comforting there, right? I know I’m gonna be so damn jealous of the doctor, coz he’s going to touch you first, then give you to the nurse, or luckily, if daddy didn’t faint yet, then he’ll hold you first and I’m gonna be so jealous of him. But daddy told me don’t be, coz you’ve been nestling inside me for 9 months, it’s just fair for him to hold you first. So alrighty, daddy will hold you, then give you to me. I know you’ll be too tired by then and just needed some good cuddles which I am really such an expert, you can ask daddy about it, but I’ll let you feel it, just like you letting me feel you in my arms, oh I can’t wait!

Daddy and I are having a bet, if you’ll look like him, I’ll have to buy him a new bike with a baby carrier so you and him can bike around the village. And if you’ll look like me, he’ll buy me the set of bags that I really-really like. Don’t worry, the bags is not just for mommy, it’s for you too, we will have so many stuff to carry around. We’ve already bought you 2 pairs of bags, I know it’s not really a baby bag but it’s actually much better quality. You know I wanted to buy you stuff that are really good quality because it’s for you. All the best for you baby. Anyways, I know even if I don’t win the bet, daddy will still buy me those bags coz I already saw his “To buy list” the other day, it’s included in there. Shhhh..... Don’t tell daddy, it’s our secret baby boy.

As I write this, I am imagining how you would feel like when I hold you in my arms. I already held a lot of babies in my arms before; your cousins, my friend’s sons and daughters, some babies in the community I visited..... The feeling is so great, their soft body snuggles against mine, with their angelic face that so great to look at, and those tiny feet and hands that so soft to touch.....

But I know it would be very different with you. You are mine and daddy’s little creation. Our own flesh and blood. Our mini-me. Maybe you’ll look a lot like daddy because I love your daddy so much. Or you’ll look more like me coz mommy’s genes are greater than daddy’s but no matter whom you’ll look like, you are our son, and we are so lucky to have you in our life.

Your nursery is ready for you my love. We got some baby books, let’s see which story would you like me to read to you at night over and over again. And daddy bought you a dutch language baby books too. He will read it to you coz mommy so stubborn in learning daddy’s language. Not that I don’t like it but I’m sooo not good in pronunciation. Anyway, I’ll try my best learning it with you around. Daddy wants you to learn both our language but English is gonna be your first language for now. But you know mommy. I will teach you both English and Tagalog and daddy will be surprise you understand 3 languages before your 2 two front teeth show up.

Let’s get back to reading books. As you lean on me while I prepare your favorite book, your cute little head will be resting on my breast, yes, breast, daddy said, it should be chest coz I’m talking to you but I told him, you’ll be resting your head against my breast so you have to know what it is called right? Or maybe we will create a new word for it so daddy won’t be blushing when hears you say the word breast.

I will smell your baby shampoo on your soft hair, I wonder what will be the color of your hair? Daddy’s a blondie when he was your age, my mom said I got brown hair, so maybe you’ll be a dark blond baby? You like that huh? I felt that little kick, mommy’s talking while writing coz I know you’re listening and laughing at the same time. Anyways, I know you’ll be fascinated with the drawings and the colors at first, not minding the words I say as I narrate the story to you but I’m gonna be so distracted watching your eyes move from one direction to the other, yes, I’m already memorizing some of the story from the book coz I wanted to watch you while I tell you the story. I wanted to see your facial expression, daddy said, I should read you books in front of a mirror but I don’t need a mirror, I already have you in my arms and I can see you better.

Your thick eyelashes will be hooding your eyes, we both have thick eyeslashes but daddy’s has the pretties, I told him if he’s a girl, he won’t be needing mascara. I wonder again what your eye color would be, both daddy and me has dark brown eyes, although daddy have those beautiful golden brown irises. Or maybe you’ll have your Oma’s light blue eyes? Or Tito Adam’s grey ones? Anyway, whichever, I hope you’ll have a good eyesight coz both daddy and me needs to wear glasses, we’re both near-sighted, although mommy’s to stubborn to wear glasses, but I should really start wearing one soon, don’t you think? Nah? I will look weird? Are you saying that daddy looks weird? Shhhh..... yeah, mommy will keep your secret. Oh I love you my baby!

You’re trying to distracting mommy but let’s continue. I know your eyes will be too busy looking at the pictures, wondering about the drawing and why there were a lot of colors on them. You’ll be smiling when you like them and smirking or pouting if you don’t, then laughing when you heard mommy make a weird sound and then waiting for mommy to turn the next page. When you’re a little bit older and you already memorized all the photos and pages, you’ll be concentrating on my narration and I’ll watch you again, how you will react. ‘Coz babies has the tendency to react the same way when they read their favorite books or watch their favorite movie again and again, as if they are always anticipating for the next thing to happen even if they have read or seen it a hundred times already. I saw that with your cousins. I remember your Kuya Karlo when he was 2 years old, he always like me to read him the Lion King story, I know already which scene he would cry or laugh so just to tease him, I’ll make up another story and he will complained that’s not how the story goes, so I’ll get back to the old story and watch his reaction, although I’ve seen it so many times, just like him, I get the same feeling over and over again, pure happiness just watching him reacts to the story, he’s so bright little boy. I know you’ll be like him. He already completed the Wimpy Kid books, he said he will read it to you soon and lend it to you when you’re a bit older.

After a good story, I know you’ll be asking for your regular milk. I hope mommy will have a ‘milk production’ coz I wanted you fully nourished with mommy’s milk until you are a year older. You are my first baby, and mommy’s a little bit excited. How it would feel like nursing a baby..... Oh, don’t ask me about nursing your daddy you naughty little one! I know you’re laughing in there, huh!

As I put in your sleeping crib, yes and daddy and me agreed to put you in a sleeping crib, not that we don’t want you sleeping with us but we want you to sleep peacefully. We don’t want to disturb you with our twist and turn while daddy and me sleeps but don’t worry, we bought you a co-sleeper baby crib that can be attached to our bed. It’s like we are sleeping together but you’ll have you own little space and mommy just love it coz its better a lot than a baby crib, (which you have one to, but that will stay on your nursery so you’ll have your own space in the house too) coz you’ll still be sleeping next to me, I can see and touch you easily. I’m a light sleeper so mommy will wake up in a flash when I heard you moved at night. And daddy promised to take his turn taking you to bed at night especially on weekends and holidays.

I know mommy’s pretty bad in dreaming about a baby girl when we found out that I am pregnant with you. I guess most mommy want their minime’s just like daddy’s wanted to have theirs too. Baby girls are such a darling but baby boys are always mommy’s best bud and bodyguard. And I love you more for that, I couldn't ask for anyone else than you. I love you from the start not knowing whom you'll become. You're always keeping me on the go. You're not a complainer, you just love the adventure and you really keep up with mommy. Even if you're so hyper and so active that sometimes you put mommy up all night, you're just the best baby any mommy could wish for. And I am so grateful to God he gave me you.

I knew it before we even gone to the OB and found out your true gender that you are a little boy coz you’re a strong little one, you’ve been so strong for mommy, did you know that? Mommy had a bad days when I had experienced that stupid back pain, oh, sorry about that, but I'm just telling the truth, hehehe. Yes, you've been so good with mommy during those time, I am so happy. 

And did you know that you have flown 40 flights with mommy since the day you were conceived? Yes baby, you’re a “fetus jet-setter” until your 5th month and our last flight was coming here, in daddy’s homeland. 

Mommy misses her job and everything but the happiness of being with you and daddy is all I’ve been dreaming of since the day I fell in love with daddy 5 years ago. Yes, one day I will get back to work, but work is just work, you and daddy will be my number one priority. 

You and daddy are my life now. I know there will be a baby brother or sister for you in the future but for now you are the only one we have and we could think about. Our TOP PRIORITY, our BIG BOSS!

I always think about you inside me, how are you doing in there, are you crying or laughing? Are you sleeping and dreaming? Sometimes when you didn’t move too much, I worried too much too, but daddy said you’ll just resting and taking sometime growing and you need a lot of rest. Yes I know you needed that. There’s more for you when you showed yourself into mommy and daddy’s world sometime soon. I don’t know what the future will be before us, especially for you, but I just want you to live the life that you want, just like what me and daddy has.

You’ll become a man with great dreams and goals someday. There will be hardships and trials. There will be challenges, heartaches, failures and pain. But there will also be happiness, love, inspiration and success..... those will only guide you to become a man. A man with his own family someday, oh, I hope you will find the right girl for you but not too soon huh. You need to study and finish school, and then find a good job that you want, or maybe take over daddy’s business, how about that, or maybe you'll like mommy's work but just an advice, it's only good for single men and women coz it will take a lot of your time and energy, yes you would become a "superhero" in someone else's eyes but what about to your wife and kids, will they know you if you're always away from them? But in any way, whichever path you would like to follow, I want you to become a man that his parents, brother/sister, wife and children that will be proud of. You don’t need to compete with the others, though, you just have to be yourself. And someday soon, you’ll will be visiting your old mother and father in their old house, yaiks, yes, it’s us, I’m not afraid of getting old (and daddy too) coz I know everyone has to experience that but I just hope you’ll never change, you’ll be the same little man that nestled inside me for 9 months. The one that keeps mommy and daddy stronger, and made us a better persons than before. The one that teaches mommy and daddy to become more patience, sweet, loving and caring. The one that will always stay inside mommy and daddy's heart. But it will be in 25-30 years from now, not too soon, for now, you are our baby, OURS, daddy and mommy’s sweet little boy, and we can’t wait for your arrival. We can’t wait to cradle you in our arms, just having you is the best thing that ever happen to mommy and daddy. We love you so very much, more than words can say….


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Come fly with me

There he is, so damn gorgeous and sexy wearing his favorite white cotton shirt and blue jeans. His tousled dark hair fell in a tumble over his forehead, a sexy scowl darkened his face. I know he was a bit irritated because the guy infront of him is taking his time finding his seat. After a few step, the guy infront of him found his seat and I got the clear view of my man walking down the airplane aisle. He looked so tall and fresh, he was in a hurry with a worried look written all over his face now. His eyes looking around, searching, and when our eyes meet, my heart just skip a beat. Oh how I love to see his reaction over and over again. His eyes shone brightly with a sweet smile on his face. I know that he loves me, but seeing him like that, so happy seeing me again, there is no doubt that he really truly love, and I love him more.

I was going to return that smile but I just remember, I am supposed to be mad at him. He was late, so damn late! He made me wait for him for almost 2 hours at the airport terminal. I thought he is not going to make it but the bastard was lucky, he was just right on time for the departure.

We were flying to his mother’s country to visit his brother and check their new office there. I flew in from home this afternoon and go straight from PAL Terminal to NIA for our international flight via KLM Airlines. Luke flew in first this morning coz he has a meeting in Manila at lunchtime. We were supposed to meet at the airport at 5pm coz our flight is at 7pm in the evening but he called me around 5:30pm to tell me that he was still on the road and was caught on a traffic. I was really pissed coz he said he will be at the airport earlier than me. And as always, he was late! And its 5:30pm, come-on! He will be flying an international flight!
Anyways, I was seated by the window at the last row. I always like to sit at the last row when I’m flying coz its quiet and you’ll have little chances of getting disturbed by passengers who always wants to go to the toilets, and I can get enough rest and sleep during the flight.

I watched him walk towards our seats, he was now grinning from ear to ear. I know he’s doing it on a purpose, to get a reaction from me. But I tried to compose myself and just look back at him. But then he winked at me at that did it! I can’t stop myself from smiling. Drat the man! He was all laughing when he reached me.

“Hey baby, miss me?” He said, and gave me another wink before taking his seat beside me. When he was settled, he lean towards me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“You’re late again!” I told him with a scowl on my face.

He caught my face in his hands and gave me a wet kiss this time, he always do that when he knows that I’m mad at him. “I’m sorry, I had to go back to the office and signed a few documents before I leave. I never thought it would take that long. And I had to go back to our place and change my clothes too.” And that did it again, my heart just melt, ‘our place’, not ‘my place’. He is really getting used to the idea that we are really married and I love it.

“Ok, you’re forgiven, but you have to makeup big time!” I told him smiling.

“I will baby, and by the way, you’re wearing a skirt, Good! Are you wearing thongs?” He asked and I just nodded, and I don’t know why I nodded, maybe because he asked. He take a good look again and said, “Good, easy access baby.” He leaned towards me and whispered, “Remember our talk about long flights?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked him. I am getting so confused with his question.

“If by chance we can do ‘it’, we will do ‘it’ right?”

“Oh my! Are you kidding me?” Realizing that the ‘it’ he was talking about is making love on the plane at 35000 feet above the sky.

“Nope, I am serious, we can try baby.” His face was so serious, I can’t tell if he was kidding me or something.

“No way! We can’t, it was just one of my crazy stupid fantasy Luke.” I told him.
“But we can make your fantasy come true and mine too remember?” Geez, he was really serious. Luke and I are always on a travel because of our work. We are always at different city every other day. And one time we talk about all the crazy stuff we can do if ever we’d take a long flight.

The idea of having sex on the plane came from me, I told Luke about my first trip to Europe, I was on an evening flight, 16 hours travel time from Manila. The flight attendants are all Europeans and 2 of them are crazy about each other. How do I know? I was sitting by the aisle at the last row, I was so bored that time coz I don’t have my sketch pad with me so what I did is just observed the flight attendants. And these two lovebirds who were assign in our aisle caught my attention. They both move around and do their task but everytime they pass on each other they would touch, smile or whisper something. It was so sweet and I was very intrigued so I kept my eyes on them for awhile. The guy is a hottie and the girl look like Catherine Zeta-Jones. They looked so good together and it was really fun watching them. When they served our dinner, I just concentrated eating and watch Notting Hill on TV and forget about the lovebirds for the meantime. After an hour they took off the lights because most of the passengers were asleep. The movie ended after a few minutes but still I could not sleep so looked around for the attendants because I wanted to ask for a play cards but when I look around no one was there, I thought everyone was at crew station right at the front but when I look at the back, I saw the lovebirds, they are actually making out beside the comfort room were the lights are dimmed. The girl saw me first, whispered something to the guy and they just stop. I just smiled at them but before I pulled my gaze away from them I noticed that both their hands are in between their bodies! Ah, oh! They are not just making out. Oh well! After a minute or two, the girl appeared in front of me and asked me if I need anything. I ask her if I can have a play cards or a magazine to read. She smiled sweetly and said yes and then asked me if I want a cup noodles, coffee, tea or a sandwich. She’s somewhat bribing me, so I told her, “No don’t bother, it’s ok, play cards would do for now.”

That’s how it all started. Luke and I talked about having sex on a plane, when everyone is past asleep. And since everyone is so tired then, sleeping is just the perfect thing to do especially when you’re on a long flight. The possibility of getting caught is very little if you do it inside the comfort room. Although the space is so small, when you’re both hot and horny, it doesn’t matter, coz you’ll both find a way to do the deed, make each other happy and pat each other’s back and say goodluck, hopefully we will not get caught. Luke and I had fun talking about it and we even talk about how are we going to do it and in what position. We got so horny after and make love the whole night. I never thought he was so serious about it then, it was just a fantasy to me and to him but now I know he really is so serious about it….

“Tash, what are you thinking?”

“Oh, nothing, are you really serious?”

“What do you think?” He said, again his face look so serious.

“Yeah, you’re serious. But I don’t know Luke….” Part of me wanted to say yes, but the other part is still undecided. Luke grabbed my hand and kissed it.

“Like I told you, I am serious, but if you don’t want do it, it’s ok with me. I love you, baby. Now sit back and relax. This is gonna be a long flight and but I will make sure that both of us will enjoy it.” Luke folded the armrest between us so that he can get closer to me. I move closer to him too and hug him. He smells so good, so manly. I nestled my head on his chest and it made me feel so comfortable, perfect. Luke put his arms around me too and we stayed that way until the airplane is ready for takeoff.

It was already past 7pm so a few minutes after take off, the crew started serving dinner. Luke and I chatted while eating. It’s our first trip together abroad and we’re both excited. After dinner, the flight attendant came to us and gave us blankets and pillows. Luke reclined our seats so that we can sleep in comfort. I stayed on my side and Luke on his side, we were face to face.

“Are you comfy?” He asked.

“Yes, are you?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said, and we both laugh coz we both know we’re asking each other stupid question.

“So what shall we do it now?” I asked him.

“Make each other happy?”

“How?” I asked and laugh after, coz again, what a stupid question. I grabbed one of the blankets and throw it over me.

“Good.” I heard him said.

“Why good?” I asked him again.

“So people can’t see what I am going to do to you.” He said with his deep sexy voice.

“Oh Luke don’t you dare.”

“I dare.” He said laughing.

“You’re playing tricks on me Luke, it’s not funny.”

“Yep, but you’ll enjoy it.”

“Haistz!” I roll over and stayed on the other side, my back on him. I waited for him to say anything but he didn’t. He just keep himself quiet. So I stayed that way and close my eyes.

I heard him move closer and grabbed my waist, pulling my body closer to him. And then he moved his hands under the blanket. His warm hand started caressing my thigh. And then his head move towards me, I thought he was going to burrow his head on my shoulder but his lips touch my nape. And I got goosebumps all over.

He started kissing me and nipped my skin there. His hand move higher and caress my tummy. I turn my head and his lips found mine. We were kissing like there is no tomorrow after. Gosh, how I love the way his tongue slides inside my mouth, sliding it in and out as if fucking me.

Feeling the sudden gush of juices from my pussy, I was so horny and all wanted him to do right then is to put his hand on my pussy and caress me there.

As if he senses what I want him to do, he move his hand on my pussy and started caressing me there. Pulling my skirt up, he pushed my thongs and let his hand caress my outer lips... Moving his fingers up the full length of my pussy lips and down again, I became so hot and horny. Luke move closer. I can feel his hard cock on my ass. He move his hips slowly and let me feel his hardness. And then his two fingers slides inside me and started fucking my pussy slowly, “You’re so wet baby. You are so ready for me. Are you sure you wanted me to continue this?” He said in between kisses. Before I say something he pulled away and started licking my cheek. His tongue darted out, trace my skin and then lick my jaw to my ears.

I dunno what to say, I know this is not right but my body say yes. I bite my lower lip to hold back my moan as his tongue lick my ears again. His fingers now move faster inside me. I gently rock my body to match his rhythm, increasing the pleasure I am feeling. I know should ask him to stop, but I don’t want him to. I want him to continue. I want him to fuck me deeper and harder.

“Do you want just my fingers baby?” I heard him whisper. “Or you want my cock?”
His fingers are giving me so much pleasure now but I still want his cock ramming inside me.

“Your cock baby, I want your cock.”

All of a sudden, he pulls his fingers out of me. I gasp and turn to look at him. His eyes were so dark with passion and need. He gave me a quick kiss and told me, “Go to the toilet and meet me there. 2 minutes and I’ll be there.” I know I should think about this but I don’t want to, all I wanted to do is to come right now, I can’t wait for 2 minutes, but what can I do, he’s the boss.

“This should be worthwhile.” I told him before I stood up and go to the toilet. Everyone was sleeping and I am so glad, but I still feel so nervous on my way to the toilet. Once inside, I just stare at myself on the mirror, I was all flustered. I couldn’t believe I let Luke trick me into doing this. “Trick? Naahh, you want it too, Tasha, you’re actually having a great time, nervous, yes, but you are having the time of your life now.”

I heard a knock on the door, Luke came in right away when I open it.  “Ready for fun baby?”

“Yes, how do we start?”

“Lets start with you getting your skirt up for me baby, I want to fuck you so bad.” Luke said with so much passion. My pussy becomes even wetter this time.

I remove my thong and Luke grabbed it and pushed it inside his pocket. “Another souvenir.” He said.

I just smile at him as I pulled myself up and sit on the sink. Luke move towards me and grabbed my leg. “Can I taste you first before I fuck you?”

Wanting his mouth on my pussy, I just nodded.

Luke licked my pussy with so much gusto. His warm tongue lapped at my pussy. And then he inserted his tongue inside my pussy and started pushing in and out of me. I bit my lower lip again to hold back my moan. I was so arouse, I came so hard, pushing my pussy on his face. Grabbing Luke’s hair, I push his head on my pussy even harder. Luke continued tongue-fucking me until my orgasm subsided.

He stood up after and hugged me for comfort. It was so sweet of him. And I love him so much.

“Now it’s you turn", I told him.

“Are you ready now?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m always ready for you, you know.” I said smiling at him, he smiled back.

“Ok, now this guy down here is missing you so much baby.” Luke said as his hands work on the buttons of his jeans. We were eye to eye, looking at each other, smiling. “I love you baby.” He said before sliding his cock slowly inside me. Letting me feel every inch of him entering inside.

I lean back and feel him. “Oh god, I love you so much Luke.”

Luke lean forward and kiss me on the mouth. His tongue sliding inside my mouth just the way his cock slides inside my pussy. He fuck me slowly at first and I just love the feel of his cock moving inside me.

“Let me know when you are coming baby, we’ll come together.” Luke said again between kisses. I know why he was kissing and then fucking me at the same time. He did it on a purpose. So that I can hold back my moan and it really works.

His pace change, slamming his cock faster and harder inside me. I put my arms around him and then move closer to him. I can feel his cock getting bigger and ready for his come. Luke hold me tighter, I can feel his heartbeat against mine. His cock ramming faster, slamming at my pussy even harder, I stop kissing him and nuzzled my head on his shoulder. I know that I am coming in a few seconds, so before I make a move and bite his shoulder, I told him. “Luke, I’m coming. Fuck me deeper baby, I want to feel all of you inside me.”

“I’m going to fuck you so good, you're gonna fly with me and we will come together baby.” He throws his head back and moved his hips so fast, our bodies slamming together, making some noise. I bit his shoulder to control my moan. He was so deep, I can feel every inch of him inside me. And I love how he feels, so fucking hard and long. Pulling him closer to me, I bit him hard as we came together.

Feeling his hot cum spurted inside me. He continued fucking until he dropped the last of his seeds. I grabbed his face with my two hands and kiss him hard. “I love you baby.” He said after. His forehead on my forehead, his nose on my nose, he’s lips on mine. He was breathing hard, and I am too. I gasped when he pulled out. And then he grabbed a tissue paper to clean my pussy.

While buttoning his jeans, he asked me, “Did you enjoy the flight?”

I laugh at him and answered back, “Yes, baby, I enjoyed flying with you. Now, who’s going to come out first? Me or you?”

“We ‘came’ together right? So we will go out together.”

“Ok, then lets go. Oh by the way, I need my panty.”

“No, you won’t need it on this flight baby. I’m not done with you yet.”

Shock with what he said, I just walk past him and open the door.

Everyone is still sleeping when we went out of the toilet. I don’t know if someone sees us. If they did, they didn’t say anything, or maybe, they just don’t care at all.

Luke and I enjoyed the flight. I even got a chance to go down on him before everyone wakes up.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Luke and I, our love story, Part 10 The Welcoming

I was busy packing my toiletries when my phone rings, it was Luke on the other line, “Yes baby?”

“I’m on my way, are you ready?” He asked.

“Yes I am, I’ll see you at the lobby na lang.” I was so sad then, I’m going back home naman kasi and I will be missing Luke again, ang hirap ng long distance relationship, what’s good lang is I get to travel a lot nowadays and I have a chance to see him kahit ilang araw lang.

“Ok, see you baby.”

“Ingat ka ha.”

“I will.”

Almost ready na’ko so I packed the last of my clothes and good to go na. I hurried myself up kasi I know Luke is on his way na. Ganun yun pag tumawag, ibig sabihin malapit na sya. 2nd floor lang naman ako kaya naghagdan na lang ako pababa. And yun nga, nasa lobby na sya agad waiting for me. Inabot nya yung bag ko ang kissed me on the lips. Narinig kong humagikgik yung dalawang receptionist ng hotel. I can’t help but smile na lang, I need to get use to this na talaga. PDA na kami alright, but ganon nga siguro kasi hindi kami palaging nagkikita e.

“Ready?” He asked me again.


“Ok, lets go then.” I followed his trails.  Nung malapit na kami sa car nya bigla syang humarap sa’kin. “Oh by the way, Mom’s with me, she wanna see you before you go….”

“Lucas naman e! Kahapon si Mel, now na naman! Ano ka ba? Pwede mo naman sabihin agad eh.” Naiinis kong sabi.

“Sorry nakalimutan ko lang.” Sagot nya.

“Memory gap??? Nakalimot ka naman, ok sige na, baka magtaka yun kung anong pinag-uusapan pa natin.”

Pagdating sa car nasa front seat ang mom nya, she opened the door to greet me, nagbeso ako agad, “ Hello Tita, good morning.”

“Hello Tash, I asked Luke if I could come and see you before you go. How are you today?”

“I’m ok po.”

“Late night last night?” She was talking about my “dinner date” kunwari with my friend. Luke opened the backdoor and I seated myself sa back seat.

“No, she lives in Fairview po kasi.It's not good for her to travel late at night.” Buti na lang nakatalikod sya while asking me, kundi malalaman nyang it was all lie, madali akong mabuko e.

“Ah ok, did you enjoy the night.” Yaiks, mukhang fishing ang mommy ni Lucas. “I wonder where Luke stayed while waiting for you….” She said pa.

“Ready ladies?” Luke cut in. Alam nya ring fishing na ang mommy nya, lumingon sya sa’kin to see if I’m ok, nag-thumbs up sign ako, smile din si Loko.

“Yes, Luke, wear your seatbelt please, do not forget. Tasha, please, always remind him when you’re with him, he always forget.” Litanya ng mommy ni Luke, she’s worried naman talaga for Luke, he almost lost his son with the car accident a few years back kaya ganon sya kakulit kay Luke pag nasa byahe.

“Yes Tita, I’m always reminding him po.”

“What time is your flight Tasha?” Tanong ulit ng Mommy nya.

“1pm po.” Maikli kong sagot.

“It’s only 10am, so we got enough time to talk, yah?” Yaiks, seryoso talaga sya sa talk.

“Yes po.” Good thing she got a phonecall from Kurt while we are on our way to the airport so nabawasan ang tense ko sa sasakyan, akala ko pa naman tapos na, di pa pala, Luke kept on looking at me sa mirror. I just smiled at him para di sya magworry, I know gusto lang naman ng mommy nya na maging maayos kami. After 30 minutes, nasa airport na kami. I checked my baggage in first para wala na’kong aasikasuhin later. After nu’n we went to Yellow Cab for lunch. Dun kami pumwesto sa dulo para di masyado marinig ng ibang customer yung pag-uusapan namin. Magkatabi kami ni Luke sa kabila ng table, his mom on the other side. Seryoso ang mom nya kaya after we ordered sinimulan nya na kaming kastiguhin.

“You were together since September right? How did it started? Where?” Oh wow, hanep naman makatanong, is she doing this with Luke’s other girlfriends?

“No Tasha, this is the first time I asked Luke about this with his girlfriend….” What the f___! Did I say it loud? “I know you, young woman, you’re going to asked why I’am asking you this.” Kaloka, ang galing! Kilala nya talaga ako, haistz. “Anyways, let’s get on with my question, who wants to answer first?” Hahaha, para kaming nasa classroom ni Luke, at me oral recitation, sino kaya ang maka-100% sa’min or pareho kaming bokya malamang!

“Mom our feelings are mutual, it just happen one night, now we’re couples….” Umpisa ni Luke.

“Wrong answer Luke. I want details, I may not be Tasha’s Mom to ask you things like this but Tasha’s like my daughter, I wanted to know what happen that night….” Patay kami ni Lucas, hahaha, namula ang mokong. Just like Melissa said yesterday, incest nga ang iisipin ng mommy nya about us ni Luke, hehehe.

“Mom,……” Di ko na naintindihan ang next na sinabi ni Luke sa Mom nya kasi they talked again in their language, nagi-gets ko lang na Luke was trying to tell her not to ask us those question on a place like this, medyo public nga naman yung place, but her Mom kept on pushing pa rin. They not arguing naman kasi the way they talk calm naman ang Luke. They talk more pa, nagulat na lang ako sa last remark ni Luke and I understand kasi in english, “…. she’s on my bed when I got there Mom, it just happened….” Gusto ko syang batukan after he said it. Ano kayang kwento ang sinabi nito sa Mommy nya, luko-luko lang!

“That’s crap Luke, what if she called in rape?” What the hell!….

“Excuse me, can I butt in?” Singit ko.

“Ok, explain yourself Tasha!” Sabi ng Mommy ni Luke.

Hahaha, hello naman, as if naintindihan ko lahat ng usapan nila, pinoy ako pinoy!!! “Tita, I don’t  understand what you and Luke have talked about awhile ago but I can guess that it’s about me sleeping at his place that night, yeah I know we rushed things up for both of us that night but things happened for a reason, I think thats the right time for us to let our feeling go and let each other know how we feel….”

“So meaning this relationship is not about you know….????” Balik tanong nya.

“NO!” Luke and I said in unison, and then nagkatinginan and nagtawanan kami after. Ganito pala pag foreigner ang kaharap mo sa ganitong situation, although hindi naman sya vocal sa wording nya pero yun pa rin yun! And if I get it right, she’s thinking na we’re just having this relationship because of sex lang, no love talaga, kasi naman, kasalanan ni Luke eto e, yun ang binigay nyang image sa mommy nya, just having a girlfriend for convenience nila pareho ng girl, no love lalo na sa part nya, pati tuloy sa’kin akala ganun lang din ang tingin sa relationship namin, kasarap batukan talaga ng mokong.

“Mom, I love Tasha,” Naks naman bumawi ang mokong, pinisil ko yung kamay nya to let him know how happy I feel, lumingon sya and ngumiti then he looked at his mom again and said, “I love Tasha since day 1, maybe it took us so many years to tell each other what we both feel but I think it’s the right time now. She’s happy with me Mom, right baby?”

“Yes.” Hahaha, nagblush ako! And his mom was looking at us, parang she’s making sure na totoo ang nakikita nya, so I assured her too. “Tita, like what Luke have said, I love him too, and you know me, I will never get myself into something na I’m not ready and I’m not happy. Our friendship makes us realized how good we are together, and now being a couple, I know that it will makes us better….”

“Ok, that’s what I want to know, now Luke, I love Tasha so much and I wanted all the best for her, I want you to love her and make her happy as she is right, I can see it in her eyes how she loves you too, and you Tasha, this is the first time I saw my son so happy and always in a hurry just to be with you, and his staff told me how different he is right now in the office, always smiling and joking around with them. And Drake said he spent so much time with you lately too. Anyway, I respect your decision of not telling us about your relationship but I just hope you told me sooner, and I’m guessing that your mom doesn’t know about this too Tasha? Luke, you better be with Tasha when she tells her mom, you too are old enough not to play around with us, if you’re both serious about this relationship, you should tell us, we are entitled to know, I am right?” Luke and I just nod, ang haba ng litanya. Hehehe, she right naman e, pasaway lang ako and this is getting better na rin naman. “Okay, I know you’re both old enough to understand things and stuff but I still wanted to remind you, please don’t have babies by accident….” Huwaatttt???? Hahaha,palipat-lipta ang tingin nya sa'min ni Luke. I think she got the same reaction from me and Luke so she explained further, “When you’re not ready to have babies, do not make babies, yah? Luke, make an honest woman out of her before you make her a mommy, and Tasha, don’t make him a daddy, when he’s not ready too. I wanted both of you to be ready when the time comes that you two wanted to tie yourself with each other and have babies together.” Boom! Hahaha, kalokang payo, but it makes sense! Really! I wanted to tell her, "But we’re planning of having one soon....", kaso baka humaba ang kwento e.

So after the talk, she went out and gave me and Luke our time together. Luke decided to go to my place so he can talk to my mom too. My Dad’s birthday is two days away so I told him to just fly in on that day na lang. When I went back home I talk to my mom about my new status, I don’t want to prolong it pa at magulat sya sa pagdating ni Luke, baka maging same ang reaction nila ng mommy ni Luke, puro sermon ang abutin naming dalawa. Mabait ang mommy ko and I know she’ll understand me naman kasi she’s okay with it even if she haven’t met Luke yet, madalas ko nang nakukwento si Luke sa kanya. Parang bestfriend ko na kasi ang mom ko, I told her everything except nga lang my relationship with Luke. She said lang naman na “I thinks its time for you to have your own life and think about your future with someone, if Luke is that someone, then it’s fine with me. Kahit hindi ko pa sya nakilala, I think he’s a fine man. You’ll never be friends with him if he’s not, right? And I already met his mom Maggie, I love her too because she cared about you, the way she talk about her children, I know she raise them well so maybe Luke is right for you….” So ayun, ganun lang kadali for my mom pala, pinatagal ko pa dahil sa kaartehan ko.

Luke flew in 2 days after, I picked him up at the airport and we dropped by sa office coz coz he need to sign papers and I also need to invite our staff for my Dad’s birthday celebration. Nas office that time si Calvin so pagpasok palang namin ng office bumira agad ang pasaway.

“You never picked him from the airport before, why did you have to do it now? Is he that very important to you now?” Calvin said, ang lakas mang-asar, kainis kasi ang daming staff na nasa office that time and they don’t know about me and Luke tapos bbirada ng ganun ang pasaway.

“Calvin, stop, you know why!” I told him.

“Really? I’m not so sure but lemme guess….” Nambitin pa ang mokong, I know he just wanted me to do the announcement sa staff. So humarap ako sa staff to tell them.

“Okay everyone, kami na ni Luke.” I made the announcement short and simple lang, yun din na naman yun e. I saw the surprised look from our staff pero ayoko munang magpalinawag at hindi ko naman kasi kailangan magpaliwanag. i Luke naman, ngumiti lang sa staff.

“That’s it???” Calvin asked, “That’s all ???”

Di’ko parin pinansin si Calvin, in-invite ko na lang yung mga staff. Then lumapit yung isang assistant ko para ipa-check yung documents for signature nina Calvin at Luke.

Pinuntahan ni Luke si Calvin sa desk nya and ako naman I talk to Shen, “Napalitan na yung  items and prices?” Tanong ko.

“Yes Ms. Tasha, ok napo yan. Kayo na po pala ni Sir Luke? Kaya pala ang dalas na tumawag dito. Kahit wala ka, tumatawag. Nagbabantay, hehehe. Sabi nga namin ni Jing, hindi kaya sila na?”

“Mga tsismosa kayo. Wala e, nabola, ayan kami na tuloy.” Biro ko, then iniscan ko lang saglit yung documents, ok naman. “Uy later ha, mauuna ko umuwi, I need to help my mom, sunod na lang kayo sa bahay, 4:30 pm kasi ang mass, baka di na kayo umabot.”
After ko i-check, kinuha ko yung documents para ako na rin ang magpa-sign sa dalawa.

“Are you coming tonight?” I asked Calvin after he signed the documents.

“Sorry I can’t, I promised my parents to call them through skype tonight, anyway, you two have a great time. And tell your mom, me and Lindy will just drop by at the cementery later, you’ll have a mass there, right?”

“Yes, just go there at 4:30pm, but if you still have time, party is after the mass.” Unang birthday kasi ng Dad ko after his death kaya me mass muna sa may puntod nya sa cementery. “Ok, we have to go. See you later.”

Pagdating naming sa bahay, marami ng tao, around 3:30pm na kasi, some of my cousins , aunties and uncles are there. Everyone’s busy preparing pero when they saw me with Luke, parang me artistang dumating, tumpukan ang mga pasaway so pinakilala ko na rin sa kanila at nalito si Luke sa dami ng kamay na gustong makipag-shake hands sa kanya, kaloka ang mga ito, first time kasi akong nagdala ng boyfriend sa’min, yung dating mga naging boyfriends ko, nasa Manila ako nun, wala silang nakilala. Natigil lang ako ma-introduce sa mga relative si Luke when one of my uncle's told them to continue what they are doing at pagpahingahin muna daw ang bisita at wag pagkaguluhan.

Sabi nya “Uy, anong meron dyan? Artista? Ayusin nyo muna yung ginagawa nyo, anong oras na o, pagpahingahin nyo muna, ang layo ng byahe nyan, para kayong nakakita ng artista dyan?” Then nakita nya si Luke. “Uy artista nga, sa’ng show ka?” I’m not sure kung nagbibiro sya or talagang napagkamalan nyang artista si Luke, hahaha. Pasaway ang uncle ko na yun, asawa sya ng sister ng mommy ko, komedyante madalas, pero kahit di laging seryoso yun when it comes to giving us advices and taking care of his family magaling sya.

“Uncle si Luke po, kasama ko sa work and boyfriend ko din po.”

“Ah boyfriend? Halika dito, usap muna tayo.” Sabi nya kay luke. Sumunod naman agad ang mokong, naka-akbay pa sa kanya ang uncle ko, kala mo kabarkada lang sila na pupunta sa kanto para makipag-inuman, then narinig ko sinabi ni Uncle kay Luke, “ Ganito yan ha, wala na ang papa ni Tasha, kami na lang mga uncle nya ang tumatayong tatay nya, kailangan malaman namin na maayos sya….” Di ko na ganung napakinggan kasi tinawag ako ng Ate ko, anyway, carry na ni Luke yan.

“Yun yung boyfriend mo? Gwapo ah? San pala yan matutulog?” Tanong nya. Di pa sila nagkakilala, nasa kwarto yata sya when I’m introducing Luke to everyone.

“Dito, wala naman matutulog sa loft tonight diba, uwian sila lahat?” Me pasok kasi nun kaya alam ko walang mag-oovernight sa bahay.

“Wala yata, naprepare mo na yung mini room? Naglaro pa naman sa taas yung mga kids, baka nagulo nila dun, ayusin mo na lang.”

“Yes, kaninang morning, nakalimutan kung palang ibilin, anyways, ayusin ko na lang mamaya, nasan pala si Mom, ba’t wala dito?”

“Inayos pa yung flowers sa sementeryo, pabalik nay un, di pa naka-ayos yun e. Nakaprepare na yung ingredients ng tuna salad, gawin mo na, ayaw nila pakialaman yun, baka magreklamo ka na naman daw.” Naging busy ako for a while helping out sa kitchen, dumating ang mom ko kaya lang ayaw pa pakawalan ng mga uncles ko si Luke so yun di ko rin sila napakilala agad.Then before 4:30pm nasa cementery na kami lahat for the mass, after nun, everyone went back sa house naming for the party na. Ang daming tao, ganun lagi ang eksena ng mga parties sa bahay. Dumating din some of our staff, si Calvin and his wife, di na talaga nakasama, sa cementery lang sila dumaan. Luke is enjoying himself too, some of my guy cousins are he’s age so maraming sya kausap. And later that evening dumating ang bestfriend kong si Mitch. Tinawag ko si Luke.

“Hello Luke, nice meeting you again. So, kamusta ang first meeting with Tasha’s mommy?” Atribida ang lukaret.

“We haven’t got the time to talk kanina, pinakilala lang ako ni Tasha then bigla me tumawag sa kanya so she said later na lang after ng party.” Sabi ni Luke, parang kailangan magpaliwanag kay Mitch.

“So di pa naalis ang kaba?” Tanong ni Mitch.

“Hahaha, wala namang kaba, her Mom is great and Tasha already told her, so I guess ok naman.”

“Yeah, mabait yan si Tita, so you don't have to worry.” Mitch agreed. I need to entertained new guest na dumating so I told Mitch na bahala muna sya kay Luke. They went out and join my cousins sa labas. After ng party, everyone left na rin coz me pasok the other day. My mom just gave instructions sa mga hired helpers nya para linisin yung area and she can talk to Luke muna. Gabi na kasi natapos ang party.
I was going to reintroduce them sana kaso my mom told me not to na. “Go away Tasha, kakausapin ko muna si Luke, asikasuhin mo muna si Marcus, kanina pa yun gusto pumasok.”

Yay si Marcus pa pala, I forgot about him, hehehe. So yun, Luke and my mom talk sa living room. Pinasok ko na si Marcus sa room ko para maaga matulog ang aso kong pasaway, kaso paglapit ko palang sa cage nya sige na ang amoy sa’kin, nasa room ko na kami ganun parin, balik-balik sya, sige ang amoy. Usual nyang ginagawa yun pag me ibang aso akong hinawakan or may baby akong kinarga, kaso that day wala naman kaya nagtataka ako ba’t sige ang akyat nya sa’kin. Then I realized, maybe naamoy nya si Luke sa'kin. I remember talking to him the other night, sabi ko "Mommy's going to introduce you to someone, I love him ha, he's going to pat your head when he see you, hindi ka nya papaluin so dun do anything bad ha." Tinignan ako ng spoiled kong aso, tapos tumayo, then ginirian ako sabay lipat sa bed nya. kaloka lang, ini-snob ako, so malamang, aawayin nito si Luke.

Anyway, ang tagal ng usapan ng mom ko and si Luke so I decided to go online sa YM, ang dami kong kauap that time, I’m enjoying chatting with the girls while waiting for my Mom and Luke to finished talking at mukhang nag-enjoy mag-usap ang dalawa kasi more than one hour silang kwentuhan, and they are enjoying each others company kasi nagtatawanan sila from time to time. Nakakainip pala maghintay at makiusyoso lang, mukha akong tanga minsan kasi dadaan ako sa harap nila, deadma lang sila pareho, ayaw talaga ako isali sa usapan.

After a while, tinawag na’ko ng mom ko.“Tash ok na ba ang room ni Luke?”

“Ok na‘po, he’s staying sa mini room on the right side.”

“Ok sige, Luke si Tash na bahala sa’yo, I need to check muna yung kusina ko at baka magulo pa rin.”

After nun, inaya ko muna si Luke sa room ko to meet Marcus, sa pinto palang kami tumayo na si Marcus sa bed, super angat yung ears nya, pag ganun sya, alert yun, me kalaban, and thats how he sees Luke. Pagkakita nya kay Luke, he smells the air tapos tinignan kami, super tahol ng todo-todo. Pumasok ako ng room to stop him, nagwawala talaga, talon ng talon,gustong kumawala sa leash nya. Kumalma lang sya nung tumaas na ang boses ko. Then I need to tell him who is Luke, again, ini-snob ako, as in tinalikuran ako, pasaway na aso ‘to. Natawa si Luke, nakikita nya kasi kami from the door. “Hindi  approved ang aso mo Tasha?” Tanong ni Luke, narinig ni Marcus yun, bumaba ng bed ko ulit, ayun ginirian ang Lucas. Ang yabang-yabang ng aso ko. Mukhang hindi makalalabas ng buhay ng room ko si Lucas once na pinapasok ko.

“Ayaw sa’yo Luke, hehehe. Kelangan suhulan mo’to.”

“Anong suhol?”

“Spaghetti lang ng Jollibee katapat nito Luke, 2 orders.”

“Really? Sige bukas Marcus, with toys pa gusto mo?” Ginirian ulit sya ni Marcus. Saway na aso ko. After the not-so-good met up ni Luke with Marcus, umakyat kami sa loft para samahan sya sa room nya.

“Ang ganda rito presko, I like it here, eto yung sinasabi ni Mom na nakita nyang sa photo sa FB mo, she wanted something like this sa bahay. Right parang vacation house na nasa city ang bahay nyo, Tash, you designed this, ang galing mo baby?”

“Yes, one of my many talents," Pagmamayabang ko."Marami pang kulang eh, we haven’t installed built-in cabinets sa other side, and then removable bedding sana, ok lang naman para the kids can still play parin dun. Kasi pag nalagay na yun, konti na lang yung space nila to play.” We renovated our house 3 years ago, we added loft para sa visitors. L-shape yung loft with 2 mini rooms. Me sala ang loft TV set, and me big space for the kids to play, then at night, pwede latagan ng beddings lalo na pag maraming guest. Open lang sya kaya airy we used wooden poles with vertical grills para hindi akyatin ng kids. Open yun part ng living room and dining, pag nasa baba ka, mukhang malaki yung bahay kasi high ceiling sya. Pag November to February, parang fully air-condition yung buong bahay namin kasi maayos yung pagkakagawa ng ventilation plus maraming windows and we added French doors. Kaya during summer din, hindi ganun kainit. That time November na, malamig na ang weather.

“Pang-vacation style ang house nyo, my mom will really love it, anyways, I’m going to sleep here alone? Hindi mo’ko sasamahan?” Biro ni Luke.

“Sshhhh, marinig ka ni Mommy. Mamaya na, aakyat na lang ako.” Sabi ko.

“Baka mapagalitan tayo, palayasin ako dito agad. Ok lang, i-imagine ko na lang, katabi kita.”

“Sira, hehehe, si Marcus pa ang magpapalayas sa’yo. Later I’ll go up na lang.”

“Hindi ka papagalitan ng Mommy mo?”

“I don’t know, baka, pag nahuli, hehehe.”

“Hahaha, palalayasin tayong dalawa nito, maganda yun, iuwi na kita sa bahay ko.”

“Sira! Ikaw lang paaalisin, malamang! Ok lang sa’yo dito? Sa baba yung CR ha, you need a towel pala, sorry I forgot to bring it kanina, iakyat ko lang later.”

“Kunwari ka pa nakalimutan, kinalimutan mo talaga para me excuse kang umakyat!”

“Ungas ka, bahala ka, di kita akyatin dito mamaya, bahala ka sa buhay mo.” Kagabi pa kasi sya nag-iemote while we talked over the phone, ilang araw na raw kaming tigang, hehehe, inabutan kasi ako ng period ko while I was in Manila so nabitin sya, kaya I told him babawi na lang kami pagpunta nya dito sa’min, and now he’s here, wala ng makakapigil, tagal na e, so mahabang gabi eto, malamang puyat ako bukas….

“Uy biro lang, halika nga dito, smack lang nakuha ko sa’yo kanina.” Paglapit ko pa lang, sunggab na agad ang mokong, torrid kiss agad, kaloka, sinandal nya’ko sa may wall while kissing me, ang kulit ng dila ng loko sa mouth ko, he’s mimicking how his cock fucks my pussy, shit I felt a saddened gush of warm fluid coming out of my pussy, basa ang panty ko agad nito, parang I want him to touch me there, kakainis, I’m wearing jeans kasi, ang hirap ng access nya. Yumakap sya ng husto sa’kin and pushed his hips forward, he wants me to feel his now hard cock on my tummy. Lalo akong naging hot, I wanted to feel his cock inside me na that time pero hindi pa pwede, somebody might come up, huli kami. “Luke, stop….” I told him while his mouth was still trying to invade my mouth again, “Mamaya na, baka me umakyat.” Natigilan din sya.

“Fuck! I’m sorry. Me and my bad manners….” Sabi nya and kissed my forehead.

“Sira, bad manners ka dyan.” I hugged him tighter.”Ok lang, I understand, pareho lang naman tayo, I miss you too, I miss this pero mamaya na ha, baba muna ako, I’ll get you a towel so you can freshen up and palamigin mo muna ang “ulo” nitong isa dito.” I patted his pants, galit na galit pa rin yung nasa loob.

“Hahaha, yes, he needs to cool down, baka mapalayas kaming dalawa dito.”

Kumalas na sa’kin si Luke. Pinakialaman ko na yung duffle bag na dala nya and get him a pair of shirt and boxer short. “Briefs kelangan mo?” Biro ko.

“Hahaha, just get me a beach shorts instead and briefs baby, later na ang boxers, I still need to be decent right, di pa tulog ang mommy mo.” Simula nang naging kami, pinakikialaman ko na yung mga gamit nya pag magkasama kami, preparing his clothes na gagamitin nya, di naman sya nagrireklamo and I guess he likes it kasi minsan he would ask me pag nakalimutan kong gawin.

“Bumaba ka na after magcool down yan ha, I need to take a shower na rin later and si Marcus, sasamahan ko muna, my Mom’s still busy pa, so meaning, uumagahin tayo nito.” Bumaba na’ko after, inayos ko na rin yung room ko kasi mag-isa lang si Marcus matutulog dun that night, I need to make sure na di nya maabot yung mga gamit ko at baka wasakin nya yun pag napagtripan nyang mangulit at night. Naka-leash pa rin kasi sya sa loob ng room ko, delikado kasing makalabas pag me biglang nag-open ng door, mag-aamok yun pag nakawala.

Ang tagal talaga natulog ng mom ko, nakapagshower na kami ni Luke pareho, nasa kitchen pa rin sya, nagliligpit, kami na lang ang gising kasi pinauwi nya na yung dalawng hired helpers nya. Nagkwentuhan pa kami saglit ni Luke sa sala and pumasok na rin ako sa room after a few minutes. I texted Luke na I’ll come up later na. Mukhang alam ng mom ko na me binabalak kami ng loko kaya ayaw pang matulog.

Nakaidlip ako kahihintay, nagising ako sa text ni Luke. “Are you still coming up?” Di ko na nireply, tumayo na’ko. Check ko muna if Marcus is still asleep, tulog na tulog ang aso ko, nilagyan ko ng unan yun side nya para kunwari me nakadantay sa kanya.

Paglabas ko, me isang light lang na bukas, usually patay lahat ng ilaw sa loob ng bahay at sa labas lang yung mga ilaw na binubuksan pag kami lang but since me bisita and not familiar sa mga switch ng ilaw, iniwan ng mom ko yung isang ilaw, soft yellow light yun kaya kaya di ga'no kaliwanag. Umakyat ako sa loft, kinabahan ako bigla, not sure kung sa excitement or kasi nga first time kong gagawa ng kalokohan sa loob ng bahay namin. Luke was there agad sa itaas ng stairs waiting for me. Naghihintay din ang mokong.

“What took you so long, kanina pa pumasok ang mom mo.” He whispered.

“Sorry nakatulog ako e.”

“Akala ko pa naman zero na’ko tonight.” Biro nya.

“Loko-loko! Di pareho tayong zero, so now I’m here, ano na?”

“Hahaha, demanding ang ale! But first keep quiet ka ha, bawal umungol. Ouch!” Kinurot ko sya.

“Daldal ka ng daldal, mahuhuli tayo lalo….” Di ko na natapos yung sasabihin ko coz Luke’s mouth found mine. He was kissing me with urgency, pati yung hawak nya iba, super excited din ang loko. He stopped kissing me saglit and guided me to his room, sinaulo ng mokong ang lugar, wala kaming nabunggo kahit medyo madilim. Inihiga nya’ko sa gitna ng bed. I thought he was going to straddle me agad pero nag-stay lang sya sa may paanan ko. Then suddenly I felt his hands on my legs, caressing it. Mukhang gusto ng mahabang foreplay ng mokong ah, ok I’m very much willing….

Then he moved his head on my tummy and kissed me there, where he kissed me, parang doon din nag-start ang init ng katawan ko coz his tongue start playing on my skin there, he was circling his tongue sa ibabaw ng skin ko, ang kiliti. Ibinuka ko ng husto yung legs ko para maayos yung pwesto nya. Inalis nya agad yung tank top ko and then his hands rubbed my boobs, super light ng himas, tayuan agad ang mga nipples ko. “Tanggalin na natin ‘tong shorts mo ha.” Sabi nya, nagpaalam pa talaga. “Wow, ready!” Sabi nya when he found out that I’m not wearing panties under my girly boxers short ako. “Sira, kanina pa ready yan for you.”

“Yes baby, you’re wet na o.” He touched my pussy and rubbed it gently. And then I felt his warm breath, I was going to say something sana but then his tongue touch my clit, hindi ko mapigilan ang umungol, “Ahhhhh….”

“Shhhh…. Marinig ka….” I know he was smiling while saying it.

“Shit….! He push one finger inside me, di pa’ko nakarecover sa unang ginawa nya, ginulat na naman ang mokong. Napakapit ako sa ulo nya. Because of that, he pushed another finger inside me and fingerfucked me while his tongue lapped at my pussy. I can feel all the sensation there, so I pushed my hips at his face and started moving my hips, gusto kong umungol ng umungol sa sarap. Ang sarap ng ginagawa ng loko sa pussy ko, he would nipped my clit and lapped at it after, paulit-ulit yun. Hindi naman masyado madilim kasi pumapasok yung light from outside kaya nikikita ko yung movement ng head ni Luke. If face to face kami, I’ll see his face too. Ang ganda ng lighting ng room, romantic, kaso kabado nga lang ako kasi pasaway ‘tong ginagawa namin.

Maya-maya umangat sya, I arched my back and helped myself up, umangat din si Luke para salubungin ako, and then we kissed. I can taste myself on his mouth, he laid me down on the bed again and straddled me, “Baby, are you ready na, mamaya na natin ituloy ang foreplay, sa next round na, I want you now….” Luke said while he was removing his shirt. Umangat ako ulit and helped him remove his boxers. Super ready na nga si mokong, kahit madilim, kitang-kitang ko yung silthouette ng cock nyang super standing ovation na and I can’t help but touch it and rubbed it gently, ang init nya and my precum na sya. I wanted to taste it sana but then Luke pushed me back sa bed again. “Later baby, we got so much time for that but right now, I wanted to be inside you na, ok lang?”

“I’m so ready for you Luke, I miss your cock inside me, let me feel it again….” Pomisisyon si Luke, he played his cock above my pussy at first, he would run it back and forth, and then ipapasok nya just the head lang and move out, ilang beses nya ginawa yun to tease me and I like it, lalo ako umiinit nun, He would also kissed me that way, we would pushed his tongue inside my mouth and then out again then trace the tip of his tongue on my lips. Nakakabaliw ang ginagawa ng mokong. Ang init-init na ng katawan ko, I wanted to come na dahil sa ginagawa nya.

And then he stopped and position himself again. “Ready baby?” I just nod and then he pushed hard and his cock went all then way inside me. “Ahhhhh, shit Luke…..I…..” I did expect but I came so hard agad, grabe, nanginginig ang buong katawan ko, napakapit ako sa arms ni Luke, he’s not moving and I am so full of his cock pa rin. He was just looking at me with a sweet smile on his face. He didn’t move until magsubside yung orgasms ko. “You ok? You like it baby? You want me to continue?” He asked me after a few minutes.

“Sorry ha, ikaw kasi, akala ko wala ng foreplay, ayan tuloy nauna ako.” Sabi ko sa kanya.

“Don’t worry, umpisa pa lang tayo baby, you’ll need a lot of water after….” And then he was moving again, dahan-dahan lang at first kaso feel na feel ko yung cock nyang pumipintig  sa loob ng pussy ko, so my pussy gripped his cock harder, thanks for the help of my vaginal muscles, na pa-ahhhh si Luke. I put my hand on his mouth, tinakpan ko yung bibig nya, I know he was gritting his teeth not to moan dahil sa pagma-muscle control ko, I was like milking his cock, pinipiga ng vaginal muscles ko ang cock nya everytime he move deeper inside me.

How I love this, seeing him like this, kumikintab yung mga butil ng pawis na nasa forehead nya everytime timatama yung ilaw, his eyes is so dark with passion but he looked so vulnerable kahit ako ang nasa ilalim nya. He continued pumping, mas mabigat na ang bagsak ng hips nya and his balls are slapping on my butt. Maya-maya, I felt the tip of his tongue sa kamay ko na nakatakip sa mouth nya and then started lapping my palm, it was one of his sexy gesture na ginawa. I smiled at him. Tinaggal ko yung kamay ko and kissed him. We were torridly kissing each other after while. Our hands are all over each other, napapahigpit yung hawak ko sa butt nya everytime pumapasok sya, hindi nagpapalit ang pacing ng pagpump nya and his hands would rubbed my boobs or sometimes, hihimasin nya yung clit ko and that makes me hotter. After a few minutes, inayos nya yung position namin, dumagan sya sa’kin, his chest flatted on my breast and then he snaked his arms around me. Iniba nya yun rhythm ng movement ng hips nya, he would pushed inside me deeply. He’s doing it ng dahan-dahan tapos pag halos nasa loob ko na yung cock nya, he would pushed hard, ang sarap and I can hear the sound of his body slamming on mine. I hooked my legs at his hips and pushed my hips upward para salubungin ang movement nya, oh my! Tumatama ng husto yung balls nya sa butt ko dahil pasok na pasok sya.

Bumilis na ang movement ni Luke after a while at humigpit na rin lalo ang yakap nya sa’kin. He was kissing my face. Niyakap ko sya and I bit his shoulder softly coz I wanted to moan na dahil sa sarap na nararamdam ko, I was so stretch na e, I felt Luke’s cock is getting bigger and harder pa coz he was about to come too. “Luke….”

“Baby, you’re so hot…. Do you know how my cock feels inside you? Pinipiga mo ‘ko baby. You’re so tight, so hot. And it feels so damn good! You want more of me baby?”

“Yes Luke, faster please….” He moved faster this time, ramming at me, buti na lang matibay ang bed, hindi gumagawa ng ingay, yung body lang namin ang maingay. And I was trying so hard not to moan and scream. Napansin siguro ni Luke yun so what he did, is he started kissing me again. Super hot na kami pareho coz he was also trying not to make any sound too.  Naghahalo yung excitement and yung fear na baka biglang me magising at mahuli kami. Super adrenaline rush eto.

“Baby sabay tayo ha.” Luke whispered again, “tell me when you’re about to come. We’ll come together.”

“Yes Luke, malapit na’ko.” Inabot ni Luke yung isang pillow sa gilid ko ang put it under my hips, oh yay, lalong sagad na sagad si Luke and then his hips starting hammering at me.

“Oh my, Luke….” Kumapit na’ko sa kanya ng husto and then he hold me tighter too. After one strong push and I came all over his cock, and then Luke came too, jetting his seeds inside me, hindi pa rin sya tumitigil ng pagpump habang lumabas lahat ng cum nya sa loob ko. Ang init lalo ng loob ko. Pawis na pawis kami pareho kahit malamig sa taas. And then we change position after, pinahiga nya ako sa taas nya, his cock was still inside me, semi-erect pa rin si mokong. “Pahinga lang saglit baby ha, hindi pa tayo tapos.” Bulong nya.

Kahit pagod, nawala na rin yung antok ko so yun, pakiramadaman kami, he was touching my hair softly habang ako naman, pinakikinggan ko lang yung heartbeat nya, kanina super bilis ng pintig ng heart nya after he came, ngayon normal na ulit, so I put soft kisses on his chest. I heard him laugh.

“Why?” I asked?

“Gusto kong pagpahingahin ka muna pero parang ayaw mo.” Sagot nya. Kinurot ko yung nipples nya. “Ouch, sabi ng nakakacancer yan e.”

“Ang kapal mo kasi,masama bang ikiss ang dibdib mo?” Tanong ko.

“Masama lalo na pag I’m still inside you, nanggigising ka.” Sagot nya. Ang move his hips forward to let me feel how his cock reacted to what I did kanina.

“Uy gising ka na kanina pa’no, semi-erect ka kaya!” Sagot ko.

“Pa’no makakatulog yan e nasa ibabaw mo nga sya.”

“E di alisin!” I was about to move pero pinigil nya ako.

“Eto naman o, di mabiro, dyan ka lang, sarap na sarap kaya yan dyan.”

Natawa ako sa sinabi nya. “Luke, gusto mo mas masarapan sya?” I tease him.

“Lukaret ka Anastasha.” Tawa sya ng tawa.

“Ayaw mo? ‘Di wag!”

“Uy, hindi, what are you going to do, sige nga?”

“Gigisingin ko lang ng husto, baka matagal magising yan e, me pasok pa ako bukas, baka mapuyat ako ng husto.” Tawa ulit sya ng tawa.

“You really make me feel good baby, ok feel free to do what you wanted to do, be my guest.” Sabi nya.

“Talaga lang ha.” Umalis ako sa ibabaw nya and pumwesto ako sa gilid nya. I grabbed his now erect cock and started pumping him. Madulas na madulas sya sa hands ko because of our cums. I felt warm fluid gushing out my pussy nung umayos ako ng upo, di nga pala lumabas lahat yung cum nya kanina kasi he stayed inside me.

Lalo naman nagising si Mr biggie ni Luke, galit na naman ang ulo, namumula. I licked it, mapaangat sya, nagulat siguro sya. Umayos ng pwesto ang mokong para he gets a good view of me going down on him. Nakaside view ako sa kanya so I would see his reaction sa ginagawa ko. Napagtripan ko yung ulo ng cock nya that time, I traced the tip of my tongue sa ilalim ng head nya then end it licking his small hole after. Napapaangat sya sa ginagawa ko, so I continue doing it. Ang sarap ng head ng mokong, parang lollipop na walang lasa, hahaha, not really walang lasa, meron pala, lasang cum naming dalawa. Super nag-ienjoy ang mokong, he was all smile pag lumilingod ako, nagta-thumbs up pa. After enjoying his head, I gave attention naman to his shaft and balls, ang tigas-tigas nya na, I continued licking and rubbing it. And he started pumping his hips sabay sa movement ng hands ko sa shaft nya. When I was about to take him inside my mouth, he moved up and grabbed me. “I want you again baby, tama na, I wanted to come inside your pussy again.” He positioned me on top of him. Nahirapan ako uling ipasok sya sa pussy ko coz he was so big na. When I got him inside me, I started moving up and down. Luke’s hands massages my hips while I I move up and down, and then he would rubbed my boobs and then back to massaging my hips again, palit-palit lang sya. Ako I was enjoying the ride coz Luke started pumping his hips too, nagsasalubong kaming dalawa, and then he change our position without pulling his cock out, panaikot nya ako, ang sarap! And then he laid me on him, I was on my back. He snaked his arms around me and starting ramming his hips. His one hand on my left breast and the other one on my pussy massaging my clit. I can’t stop myself from moaning, he was making me feel so damn hot na.

He put his left hand on my mouth to keep me from moaning louder, I bit it instead. I think he find it sexy so ayun mas lalong ginanahan ang mokong, and rammed into me harder. I came so hard again while he was still pumping faster and faster, nagchange sya nga position, we were spooning na, I move my legs higher para sagad na sagad sya sa’kin, it was so good coz I love the feeling of his pelvis hitting my butt  and his chest on my back. Luke was hammering at me, pumping harder. Lumingon ako sa kanya coz I wanna see him when he cums. Madilim pa rin but the light was enough for me to see his face, he look so damn good. “I love you baby….” Di ko napigilang sabihin sa kanya. I caught him offguard, nagulat ko sya, he smiled at me. “I love you too baby….” And then we both came hard….

Nagising ako sa sa tahol ng aso, it was still dark, disoriented ako nun, I thought nananaginip lang ako but then I heard barking again. “Marcus.” Kinapa ko si Marcus using my feet, wala akong makapa, and then I felt someone stirred beside me. “Why, baby?” Shecks, nasa loft nga pala ako with Luke.

“Si Marcus, I need to go, baka magising sila sa ingay nya.” Tamayo ako para hanapin ang short and tank tops ko, ang dilim!

“Here, I got it.” I heard Luke said, ang bilis maghanap ng mokong.

“Thanks,” ang bilis ko nasuot yung damit ko coz Marcus barking is getting louder. “See you later.” I kissed him on the mouth and then bumaba na’ko after. Nasa last step na’ko ng hagdan when Marcus bark louder, nagulat ako, namiss ko tuloy yung isang step so I landed on my butt. “Shit!”

I heard Luke’s movement sa taas. Malamang narinig nya ang bagsak ko. Malapit lang yung door ko sa hagdan so kahit masakit ang bagsak ko, I moved hurriedly baka me magising na, lagot ako. Pagbukas ko ng pinto. Marcus is on his 4 feet moving up and down. Hindi pa rin sya tumitigil katatahol, ang kulit. And then lalapit sya sa’kin, aamuyin ako and then tatahol ulit. Putik, he smells Luke on me kaya nagwawala ang aso ko. And then I heard my door opened, akala ko si Luke, sasabihan ko sana to go up na lang, nagulat ako nung makita ko ang Mom ko sa pinto.

“Bakit yan?” Tanong nya.

“Gustong lumabas Mom, e.”

“Palabasin mo na, maingay, baka magising ang bisita mo.” Sabi nya. Palabas na sya when she told me. “Yung pinto mo, wag mong kalimutang i-lock pagpasok nyo ni Marcus mamaya ha….”

Shecks! Kaloka, paglingon ko kay Marcus, nakadapa na ang pasaway sa kama, ngising aso ang aso ko, ang lakas mang-trip, parang gusto nyang sabihin, “Yan, takas-takas ka kasi, ano muntik ka ng mahuli noh?”


 Again thank you everyone for reading.... there's more stories to come....